Interchange – Winter 2010

The Community, Care and Clearness Committee (formerly Overseeers) is busy with activities that help to build the community spirit within our Meeting: continued revision of the committee’s procedural manual; All Meeting Family Camping Weekend; Clearness Committees for individual members as well as those for Membership and Weddings Under the Care of the Meeting; and coordinating End-of-Life Memorials. Additionally, CCC takes some pride in the very inspiring work that is being done by the Working Group on Newcomers and Welcoming. The Working Group has sponsored several forums on topics of interest to newcomers. Our members continue to make a special effort to greet newcomers and help them engage with the Meeting.
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Interchange – Fall 2009

The Friends Community Garden, a joint effort of Stony Run Meeting and Friends School of Baltimore, became a reality in June, 2009. We are now harvesting some of the abundant vegetables we’re been growing. We’re donating 80% of our harvest to the CARES food pantry in Govans.

Friends of all ages have been participating in an informal Extended Family for 1 1/2 years. We meet every few weeks for outings, meals, games, and conversation. In our large Meeting it helps us to know others more closely and regularly and we continually welcome new members.
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Spiritual State of the Meeting – 2008

Reflecting upon the spiritual state of Stony Run Friends Meeting this past year we find ourselves filled with thankfulness and hope: thankfulness for being a part of a community dedicated to building a Spirit-led Meeting and hope that our entire community may both strengthen and deepen its commitment to this end, thus inspiring us all to walk in the Light.

It has been more than a year since our executive secretary and our office administrator—each of whom had dedicated years of service to our Meeting—resigned from Stony Run. In wake of the spiritual, personal, and professional losses surrounding these resignations, the Meeting has been struggling with the state of its own spiritual health, of which the above resignations have been seen by some as symptomatic.
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