Interchange – Fall 2009

The Friends Community Garden, a joint effort of Stony Run Meeting and Friends School of Baltimore, became a reality in June, 2009. We are now harvesting some of the abundant vegetables we’re been growing. We’re donating 80% of our harvest to the CARES food pantry in Govans.

Friends of all ages have been participating in an informal Extended Family for 1 1/2 years. We meet every few weeks for outings, meals, games, and conversation. In our large Meeting it helps us to know others more closely and regularly and we continually welcome new members.

The Stony Run-Homewood Working Group on Racism held several well-attended, public events at Stony Run in 2008- 2009. In addition, the Working Group on Racism held monthly meetings to share personal experiences and concerns about race and racism. Not a formally composed group with “members” nominated or appointed, the Working Group welcomes all participants.

The Spiritual and Intellectual Nurture Committee is gearing up for this year’s Seekers & Speakers series in September and October. This is Stony Run’s outreach to people who are unfamiliar with Quakerism. The SINC committee also schedules religious education and discussion forums on various topics for the meeting’s adults from September to June.

The committee on Ministry and Counsel has concentrated recently on the spiritual grounding of Monthly Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business. The goal is to support corporate discernment by using techniques such as having two individuals attend who, instead of participating, hold the Meeting in the light and support the discernment of everyone present. We have also tried rearrangement of the room for new perspectives and reading “Meeting for Worship for Business Etiquette” each month.

Other notable Stony Run activities include a men’s retreat in the springtime; resumption of First Day classes in September; participation in the BYM Spiritual Formation program; a reading and discussion group on Quaker pamphlets; monthly Meeting for Healing prayer group, and others.

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